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How to Prevent Breast Cancer | 7 Factors that Prevents Risk of Breast Cancer

How to Prevent Breast Cancer: Are you a lady and you don’t know how to prevent breast cancer? Are you seeking for the information about this disease that is threatening the very existence and well being of the woman folk? If yes is your answer to any of these questions and others bothering on the health of the woman, then stay on as we x-ray the best ways to combat this menace.

How to Prevent Breast Cancer | 7 Factors that Prevents Risk of Breast Cancer
How to Prevent Breast Cancer | 7 Factors that Prevents Risk of Breast Cancer

Talking about breast cancer, it is better to know how to prevent breast cancer than to think of how to cure it. Prevention, as we will all generally acknowledge is a better stand than treating or curing a disease, sickness or ailment. So we will rather sort out the most preferred solution, which is in preventing the development of the dreadful plaque called breast cancer than trying to cure it.

So here we go, these among others are the key ways of preventing breast cancer;

  • Be Mindful of Personal Hygiene: Hygiene plays a vital role in many ways when any issue pertaining to female health and wellbeing is involved. All ladies of childbearing age must as a matter of necessity be conscious of their body and its cleanliness. Their clothing and how good it is kept all contribute to how good their general hygiene is.
  • Cosmetics are Good but should be Used with Care: Breast cancer is a disease that has much to do with what we put on as females. We know we need to use cosmetics to look and feel good, but care must be taken so as not allow the use of these cosmetics to be more detrimental to our help like causing cancer.
  • Alcohol Intake Limitation: One of the main causes of cancer as a whole and breast cancer is female is alcohol intake. So if you want to prevent breast cancer then limit your consumption of alcohol.
  • Avoid and Quit Smoking: One of the ways on how to prevent breast cancer is to avoid engaging in the act of smoking or to quit smoking if you’re currently engaging in the same. Smoking is dangerous to health generally and causes cancer, breast cancer on a specific basis.
  • Practice Breast Feed: If you are a lady or woman and you have a baby, it is safer for both you and your baby if you would practice breastfeeding. Help prevent getting breast cancer by breastfeeding.
  • Limit Exposure to Hormone Therapy: Exposure to hormonal therapy is detrimental and exposes you to the risk of having breast cancer, so avoid and or limit the same.
  • Watch your Weight: One of the ways to prevent breast cancer is controlling your weight and being physically active by exercising and engaging in activities such as brisk walking, yoga, and others.
  • Self Examination: One of the best how to prevent breast cancer is a self-breast examination. Always examine your breast and check for lumps or swellings and report any distortion immediately to a doctor. Regular help checkups are required and necessary.


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