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Oyo State TESCOM CBT Exams Timetable For CBT Test

Oyo TESCOM 2020 CBT Exam Date / Timetable: The Oyo State government released a time table for its Computer Based Test (CBT) Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM). The test, which will start on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, will conclude on August 21, 2020, according to the timetable.

Oyo State TESCOM CBT Exams Timetable / Venue For CBT Test

Latest News on Oyo TESCOM CBT Exams Timetable / Venue

The exam venue is the Ibadan Distance Learning CBT Center, 1500 Capacity University. The TESCOM chief, Pastor Akin Alamu, said the exam would be ignored for all who are yet to rectify problems on their names or others whose names have not been shortlisted because nothing else could be achieved.  Download Oyo State TESCOM Recruitment Past Questions and Answers for CBT Exams

Alamu said the test would include questions on current affairs, noting that the disabilities will not write CBT but “screened/interviewed with self-employment since the applicants are few in number.” He said the CBT invitation would be made by SMS or email, and the examination would run from 7 am to 6 pm daily, excluding Sunday.

Oyo TESCOM Exam Date / Timetable – 2020 CBT TEST

Alamu stated that the date was set by subject positions, adding that anyone who effectively uploaded their documents but did not obtain an invitation from CBT would contact the TESCOM office and not the CBT center.

  • Tuesday 11th August 2020 – PHYSICS & COMPUTER SCIENCE
  • Wednesday 12th August 2020 – ACCOUNTING
  • Thursday 13th August 2020 – ECONOMICS & FRENCH
  • Friday 14th August 2020 – AGRIC SCIENCE
  • Saturday 15th August 2020 – CRK & IRS – GEOGRAPHY
  • Sunday 17th August 2020 – ENGLISH LANGUAGE & PHE
  • Monday 18th August 2020 – BIOLOGY & CHEMISTRY
  • Tuesday 19th August 2020 – YORUBA LANGUAGE & BASIC TECHNOLOGY
  • Wednesday 20th August 2020 – GOVERNMENT & HISTORY
  • Thursday 21st August 2020 – MATHEMATICS & GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING

In a related trend, TESCOM has been called upon to decentralize the examination so that people in certain places beyond Ibadan can compose the examination in their regions.

The benefit stems from certain candidates not having to see their names in print.

Guideempire.com.ng reminds us that the state of Oyo comprises five zones namely Ibadan, Ibarapa, Oyo, Oke Ogun, and Ogbomoso.

There was no Government response to this appeal. In fact, TESCOM ‘s perception is that non-teaching staff of lower ranks such as cooks, messengers, etc. will not be expected to submit tests, yet non-teaching workers such as accountants, and those in the same rank will be needed to sit tests.

Why you Must Download Oyo TESCOM CBT Past Questions

If you want to learn how to prepare and write the Oyo State TESCOM 2020 CBT test but if you have no idea how Oyo TESCOM determines the CBT test questions and what to anticipate in the examination then you definitely won’t get the outcome of your choice in the exam.

Thankfully, we’ve assembled Oyo TESCOM’s up-to-date past Question Papers to make it a walkover for you. Because the summary plan has already been announced and it’s just a couple of days out, we urge you to update it straight away and be on the right track. Download Oyo State TESCOM Recruitment Past Questions and Answers for CBT Exams



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