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Oyo TESCOM 2020 CBT Exams Date | Time, Venue And Requirement

Oyo  State TESCOM CBT Exams Date 2020:The Oyo State Government has declared the readiness of the State Teaching Service Commission (Oyo TESCOM) to perform a computer-based test (CBT) for all candidates for a teaching position, beginning on Tuesday 11 August 2020. Would you like to know if the Oyo State Teaching Service Commission has released the date of the CBT Aptitude Test for shortlisted applicants? Then you’re right on the place read below to have full information. Download Oyo State TESCOM Recruitment Past Questions and Answers for CBT Exams

numerously applicant has been contacting us asking for the Oyo State TESCOM list of shortlisted candidates here we have answers to all your questions Click the link below  and your name is among the shortlisted candidates for the CBT exams Oyo State TESCOM Teachers Shortlisted Candidates 2020/2021 CBT Exams Download List Here

Oyo TESCOM 2020 Recruitment CBT Exams Holds In August | See Date & Venue

All applicants are hereby told that the recruitment Next Step of the Oyo State TESCOM which is the screening exercise will begin on 11 August 2020

Latest News on Oyo TESCOM CBT Exams Date 2020

In this article, we will include answers to the following questions as far as the OYO TESCOM recruitment 2020 Exam Date is concerned. These are the inquiries we got from our readers about the date of the OYO TESCOM exam:

For those who have applied for teaching and non-teaching jobs in the state, Oyo State Government will start computer-based testing (CBT). The examination, which is likely to extend for about a week,

When is the Exam Fixed For OYO State TESCOM Screening 2020

The OYO State TESCOM CBT screening exams are scheduled to commence on 11 August 2020 According to The Nation Newspaper, the chairman of the Oyo State Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM), Pastor Akinade Alamu announced this on Monday, while giving an update on the recruitment phase.

Alamu also reported that after voicing their interest in transfer, around 1000 non-teaching workers in different schools throughout the state who had gained additional qualifications were transferred to teaching staff. He said the process is just finished

Oyo State  TESCOM CBT Exams Date 2020

The Oyo TESCOM CBT test begins on 11 August 2020 and continues from Monday to Saturday, excluding Sunday, during the week.

Therefore, candidates for both the teaching and non-teaching jobs for the recruitment of the Oyo State Teaching Service Commission 2020 are urged to take notice of this date in their calendar.

It’s really important that you obtain a copy of the Oyo State TESCOM Recruitment Past Questions and Answers to encourage you to prepare for the CBT aptitude test appropriately.

Download Oyo State TESCOM Recruitment Past Questions and Answers for CBT Exams

Updates on Oyo State TESCOM CBT Screening Date 2020 

TESCOM director said about 126,000 the statistics of people that have applied for the position but about 70,000 to 80,000 teaching work applicants are eligible to take the test.

Oyo TESCOM 2020 Timetable Aptitude Test

The exam schedule has already been published, and candidates are expected to write their CBT tests at various dates and times. Therefore, All applicants applying for teaching positions in the Oyo State TESCOM will find the SUBJECT they applied to know their schedule below;

  • Tuesday 11th August 2020 – PHYSICS & COMPUTER SCIENCE
  • Wednesday 12th August 2020 – ACCOUNTING
  • Thursday 13th August 2020 – ECONOMICS & FRENCH
  • Friday 14th August 2020 – AGRIC SCIENCE
  • Saturday 15th August 2020 – CRK & IRS – GEOGRAPHY
  • Sunday 17th August 2020 – ENGLISH LANGUAGE & PHE
  • Monday 18th August 2020 – BIOLOGY & CHEMISTRY
  • Tuesday 19th August 2020 – YORUBA LANGUAGE & BASIC TECHNOLOGY
  • Wednesday 20th August 2020 – GOVERNMENT & HISTORY
  • Thursday 21st August 2020 – MATHEMATICS & GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING

Oyo State TESCOM Time of CBT Examination.

The exam time will start from 7 am to 6 pm, with specific timing for various candidates. It will be in the best interests of applicants to keep to their scheduled time to write their CBT test as there may not be a second slot for them if they miss their exam time. To carry out the test for the sake of equity and orderliness, the 2020 Oyo TESCOM timetable is followed.

Venue For Oyo TESCOM CBT Test: University of Ibadan Distance Learning CBT Center

The test will be carried out at the CBT state ICT center. The latest theory that, at the convenience of the applicant ‘s home, the CBT examination will be carried out electronically is not valid. In reality, the Oyo TESCOM 2020 CBT aptitude test will take place at the CBT center and all applicants who write the test will be well supervised at the center to avoid malpractices in the study.

Requirements For Oyo TESCOM CBT Exam

The major requirement for the Oyo Tescom cbt exam is to arrive at the exam venue during registration/download with your original qualifications and the printout of your examination slip. You will still need to take a passport size photo, just in case.

Do I Need Oyo Tescom CBT Past Questions?

You may have observed all of our advice on how to plan and compose the Oyo State TESCOM 2020 CBT test but if you have no idea how Oyo TESCOM sets the CBT test questions and what to anticipate in the test then you will not be able to get the outcome of your choice in the study.

Fortunately, we’ve gathered Oyo TESCOM’s up-to-date past Question Papers to make it a walkover for you. As the summary plan has already been announced and it’s just a few days out, we urge you to update it straight away and be on the right track.

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