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Nigeria Prisons NPS Recruitment Past Questions & Answers Download PDF 

Nigeria Prisons NPS) Recruitment Past Questions & Answers PDFdo you know that you can succeed in the NPS screening exams with the help of the Nigeria prisons’ past questions and answer? if you are doubting how is that possible? read this article as we give you vital information concerning the NPS past questions right here on this page.

How to Download Nigeria Prisons (NPS) Recruitment Past Questions & Answers PDF
How to Download Nigeria Prisons (NPS) Recruitment Past Questions & Answers PDF

As the saying goes information is the key to success and if you are not informed you will be deformed if case you didn’t apply for the 2019 recruitment you can as well click here to apply for Nigeria Prisons Service Recruitment  after applying for the recruitment I know the next thing the that will come to your mind cloud possibly be

  • will I succeed in the Nigeria Prisons exams?
  • How am I going to prepare for the Nigeria Prisons NPS exams? 
  • what questions will the NPS asked or what the nature of the exams?
  • Where can I find the past questions of the Nigeria Prisons NPS?

It is normal to have such thought in your mind but don’t panic Guideempire is your solution to all your thinking like we said earlier this article will give you guidelines on how to succeed in the Nigeria Prisons Service NPS recruitment exams, therefore, I urge you you to read this article till the end.

how am I going to prepare for the Nigeria Prisons NPS exams? 

All candidates who apply for the NPS recruitment can always prepare for the screening exams by studying the Nigeria Prisons past questions because by way of studying the past questions you being to understand how the questions look like and how to answer them correctly without wasting time also note that the NPS do repeat 80% of their questions on yearly basis. this means if you carefully study Nigeria Prisons’ past question you stand a chance of passing the exams.

What the Nature of Nigerian Prisons Service CBT Exams?

You don’t have to wait before job opportunities call before you plan for the recruitment process and part of the big process involved begins with a general aptitude test that typically distinguishes the sheep from the donkey, is smart, and distinguish on the winning side by carefully learning all this important material to get your dream job completed.

What is Inside Nigerian Prisons Service Questions

Don’t be afraid of Nigeria Prisons screening questions the questions is basically from 3 three courses this includes:

  1. . English language
  2. Mathematics
  3.  Current Affair

Below we are showing you samples of questions that you will see in Nigeria prisons screening exams you can as well try to answer them by yourself and see if you can attempt their questions.


1. The Prisons Arms Training School is located in

  • A. Owerri
  • B. Kano
  • C. Kaduna
  • D. Minna

2. The Ministry that oversees the activities of the Nigerian Prisons is the

  • A. Federal Ministry of Defence
  • B. Federal Ministry of Interior
  • C. Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • D. Federal Ministry of Youths and Sports

3. How many directorates doe’s Nigerian Prisons have?

  • A. 6
  • B. 5
  • C. 4
  • D. 3

4. The Prisons is the ….arm of the Criminal Justice system,m after the police and courts

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 4

5. The two major convict prisons operational in Nigeria today are 

  • A. The maximum and minimum prisons
  • B. The maximum and medium-security prisons
  • C. The ordinary and execution prisons
  • D. The trial and convict prisons

6. The intermediate prison camps set up mainly in areas with courts that are far from the main prisons are called

  • A. interlocurity prisons
  • B. transit prisons
  • C. tentative prisons
  • D. satelite prisons

7. Prison camps set up to train inmates on agro-based skills so that they can be self-employed upon discharge are called

  • A. Agricultural settlements
  • B. farm centres
  • C. vocational centres
  • D. Skill prisons

8. Which of these is not a paramilitary agency in Nigeria

  • A. Nigerian Police Force
  • B. Nigerian Immigration Service
  • C. Federal Road Safety Corps
  • D. National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control

9. The Nigerian police belong to which arm of government?

  • A. Executive
  • B. State
  • C. Judicial
  • D. Legislative

10. Choose the odd one out?

  • A. Shilling
  • B. Pounds
  • C. Naira
  • D. Pence

How to Download Nigerian Prisons service Past Questions and Answers PDF

These Past Questions and Answers cost the sum of N2,000 only.

Candidates are required to pay the above-mentioned amount to the Bank account provided below to purchase the Nigerian Prisons Recruitment Past Questions and Answers.

Please ensure that you confirm the account number correctly before making your payment to avoid errors

Account Details

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After your payment is successful you will send us the following details via text message

Send the following:

  1. Depositors Name ( this is the Name of the Account used for payment)
  2. Email address Please ensure that the email you send to us is your valid email
  3. Name of the past question paid for

Forward your details to 08125457266 to complete your order.


Assurance of Delivery Nigerian Prisons Past Questions and Answers

If you are Not sure the past questions will be delivered to you as promised?

No need to worry about it. We understand that many individuals are afraid of making transactions online, likely based on personal experiences. We want to assure you that honesty and integrity are the foundations of our services. This has again been demonstrated. With previous question sales, it’s one of the reasons we’re prominent. Our service is trustworthy. We have provided our customers with excellent and reliable services. For years now, to our clients. We would like to assure you that our priority is your satisfaction. That being said, in less than 20 minutes from payment, you can create the payments and get your past questions delivered to you.


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