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ICSL Past Questions and Answers Download Update PDF

You are welcome to the best place you can download the ICSL Past Questions and Answers without stress in this article we will show the guidelines to download the ICSL past questions.

ICSL Past Questions and Answers

This could interest many readers to know that for all candidates who have registered and are about to write the screening exam, the real Information Connectivity Solutions (ICSL) Ltd is a past question paper. The availability of this past question will enlighten applicants about the nature and structure of questions that are always presented by ICSL Information Connectivity Solutions Ltd. It will also help you to know the right resources to use in preparation for the exams, so they don’t take it by surprise. By carefully studying past questions, you’ll be interested in 70 percent of it making up the upcoming exams as questions repeat.

ICSL Sample Questions

1. A tuber of cassava can be processed into a powder. This explains the fact that

(a) matter can spontaneously from one state to another
(b) matter cannot be destroyed
(c) force is required to change matter from one stare to another
(d) the matter is made up of tiny particles

2. A piece of metal of relative density 5.0 weight 60N in air. Calculate its weight when fully immersed in water

(a) 4N
(b) 5N
(c) 48N
(d) 60N

3. A net force of 15N acts upon a body mass 3Kg for 5s, calculate the changes in the speed of the body

(a) 250ms-1
(b) 9.0ms-1
(c) 2.5ms-1
(d) 2.0ms-1

4. The tendency of a body to remain at rest when a force is applied to it is called

(a) impulse
(b) momentum
(c) inertia
(d) friction

5. Which of the following statement correctly defines a simple machine

(a) a device that can provide electric current
(b) which can only carry people from one place to another
(c) with which work can be done easily
(d) which changes the state of rest or of uniform motion of an object along a straight line

6. The heat capacity of a calorimeter is the amount of energy required to

(a) change the temperature for 1 kg of the calorimeter by 1 K
(b) change 1Kg mass of the calorimeter to liquid at the same temperature
(c) change the temperature of the calorimeter by IK
(d) melt the calorimeter into a liquid at a constant temperature.

7. Which of the following statement about latent heat of vaporization is correct, it

(a) weaken the adhesive forces between molecules of a liquid and those of its container
(b) Completely weaken the force of attraction between the molecules of a liquid
(c) addition to the heat content of a liquid
(d) increasing the cohesive forces between liquid molecules

8. When the pressure of a fixed mass of gas is doubled at a constant temperature, the volume of the gas is

(a) increased four times
(b) doubled
(c) unchanged
(d) halved

9. A wave of wavelength 0.30 travels 900m in 3.0s calculate its frequency

(a) 68.0Hz
(b) 225.0Hz
(c) 270.0Hz
(d) 1000Hz

10. Which of the following condition is necessary for the occurrences of total internal reflection of light?

(a) the light must travel from an optically less dense to a denser medium
(b) the angle of incidence must be equal to the critical angle
(c) the angle of incidence must be greater than the critical angle
(d) the angle of refraction must be 90o

11. The image which cannot be formed on a screen is said to be

(a) inversed
(b) erect
(c) real
(d) virtual

How can you Download ICSL Past Questions and Answers

Please follow the guidelines give below to make payment

Pay the sum of N2000 to the account below:

Account No: 0258732121
Bank: GT Bank

Once we have confirmed your payment, send a text with your depositor’s name and email address to this phone number 08125457266, we will immediately send your Past Questions and Answers to your inbox or your WhatsApp in pdf format.


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