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EKSCAT Recruitment Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answer PDF

EKSCAT Recruitment Past Question For CBT Aptitude Test: You can now Download Ekiti State College of Agriculture and Technology 2020 ‘s up-to-date recruitment exam past aptitude test questions and answers right here on this page. Did you apply for employment at  EKSCAT 2020 recruitment? If yes, then you are in the right place and at the right time. We are glad to inform all candidates that we have complied EKSCAT past questions and answers for the benefit of the applicant who will be writing the EKSCAT Cbt recruitment exams which will be commenting soon read till the end of this article you will have all the materials that you need to pass the recruitment exams.


EKSCAT Recruitment Past Question For CBT Aptitude Test

About Ekiti State College of Agriculture and Technology

Ekiti State College of Agriculture and Technology – The College was established in the year 2014 as the College of Technical and Commercial Agriculture at Isan-Ekiti by Dr. Kayode Fayemi led Government of Ekiti-State with focus on middle-level manpower development in the Agricultural sector.

Having considered the shift of Nigeria’s focus on Oil to Agriculture for economic growth, the College poses to fill the gap of the diversification by training and producing a graduate who will be verse in Agricultural and Technological knowledge needed to do great exploit in the sector.

Why You Need EKSCAT Past Questions and Answers

The College of Agriculture and Technology, aptitude test of Isan-Ekiti (CATIS) should not be joked with whether it is for academic or non-academic personnel. Although the college is quite new, the few recruitment exams they have conducted since their inception have been for seriously thoughtful applicants. Accordingly, it is very important to access this PDF file of the Ekiti State College of Agriculture (EKSCAT) recruitment exam and answer past questions. what are you for? download this pas questions today and join the successful team. A wise man once said that when good preparation meets opportunity success is guaranteed. Knowing what to expect in the aptitude test before the exam date is the first step toward succeeding in the aptitude test. The good news is that this Ekiti State College of Agriculture recruitment exam past question papers has all the likely questions to expect in the test. However, below are some free download sample questions to give you an idea.

EKSCAT Recruitment Exams Format

Knowing the format of the exams signifies that you are on the right path to success. some applicants have been asking to know the formate of the EKSCAT recruitment exams we have all answers here on this page. like other recruitment screening exams have transformed from the handwritten to Cbt computer base test EKSCAT is that left out the EKSCAT recruitment test will be conducted on CBT.   The first phase of the CBT examination is then professionally standardized for both academic and non-academic candidates as the recruiting processes move forward. The exam format is drawn from the following fields:

  • lecturing/teaching questions
  • Administrative questions
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Pure mathematics
  • English language
  • Few historical questions about Ekiti state and EKSCAT

EKSCAT  Sample Questions (Free Download)

1). Ekiti State College of Agriculture and Technology was formally known as?

  • A. College of Technical and Commercial Agriculture
  • B. Basic Technical School
  • C. College of Agricultural Education
  • D. None of the above

2). Who is the current registrar of Ekiti State College of Agriculture and Technology?

  • A. Olufumi A. Olufumi
  • B. Samuel Ojo
  • C. Joseph Akin Olugbenga Olorunsola
  • D. Babalola Akindele

3). As a lecturer, one of the following ways is most appropriate to maintain discipline among your student?

  • A. Get the rules obeyed
  • B. Allow them to take responsibilities
  • C. Expel them
  • D. Get rules of conduct

4). As a lecturer, what is the best approach if a student constructively criticized you openly in your class?

  • A. Make the student repeat the course to serve as a deterrent to others
  • B. Cleverly taking advantage of the criticism to further evaluate me
  • C. Allow the school authority to handle the issue
  • D. Send the student out of the class so as not to disturb the lecture

5). As an administrative officer in an institution of higher learning, one of the following quality is mostly required?

  • A. Strategic planning and time management
  • B. Leadership ability
  • C. Student management and good team player
  • D. Fluency in speech

6). A square garden has fourteen posts along each side at equal interval. Find how many posts are there on all four sides?

  • A. 44
  • B. 35
  • C. 60
  • D. 52

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