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  Federal Fire Service FFS Recruitment Past Questions & Answers PDF 

 Download Federal Fire Service Past Questions & Answers PDF: Are you planning for the upcoming recruitment test for the Fire Service and maybe searching for past questions about federal fire service recruitment to help you prepare? Then you are at the right location, as we have previous questions available for download here for the full federal fire service recruitment. This portable file formate (PDF) contains the latest questions of the Federal Fire service recruitment screening past questions with answers I urge you to read this article till the end as we give you information on how to succeed in the Federal fire service aptitude test without much stress continue reading…

 Download Federal Fire Service (FFS) Past Questions & Answers PDF 
Download Federal Fire Service (FFS) Past Questions & Answers PDF

This Past is all you need without you having these past questions you stand a chance of losing 70% succeeding in the screening exams. “why am I saying”  you must be wondering why I made that statement don’t be confused because this will be your guide to prepare you for the exams. we want you to understand that when preparation meets opportunity success is assured your major focus after applying for Fire recruitment should be

  • How will I prepare for Federal fire service Aptitude Test 
  • How to download Fire service current Affairs questions
  • How to download full Federal Fire Service FFS  Past questions 
  • Samples of Federal Fire Service Exams questions  

Let quickly show you the easy where you can download the federal fire service past question within 20 minutes but before that, we must prove Trust in our service by showing you features and samples of questions that are inside the past questions this are also questions that you will see in the day of your screening sequel to this we encourage All applicant to buy these questions and practice to prepare for the exams because 80% of these questions are the questions you will see in your exams. the fire service repeat past questions on yearly basics


NOTE: the questions are from five 5 major categories

  • i. English language
  • ii. Mathematics
  • iii. Current Affairs
  • iv.  General Knowledge


1. Which of these is not a road classification in Nigeria?

  • A. Trunk A
  • B. Trunk B
  • C. Trunk C
  • D. Trunk D

2. The acronym for the equipment worn by an individual to prevent risk to health and safety is  

  • (a) PHE
  • (b) PPE
  • (c) PPMC
  • (d) PSE

3. Safety helmets are worn to protect against  

  • (a) extremes of temperatures
  • (b) falling objects
  • (c) impacts with fixed objects
  • (d) a,b & c

4. The color Blue in safety means  

  • (a) Prohibited action
  • (b) Mandatory action
  • (c) Safe action
  • (d) Warning notice

5. The color Green in safety can be used in 

  • (a) escape routes
  • (b) emergency showers
  • (c) low passages
  • (d) emergency stops

6. The chemistry of fire include 

  • (a) heat
  • (b) oxygen
  • (c) combustible materials
  • (d) a&b

7. …….is not a class of fire 

  • (a) B
  • (b) F
  • (c) E
  • (d) A

8. Freely burning  fires fuelled by wood can be extinguished by 

  • (a) application of water
  • (b) application of foam
  • (c) application of C02 extinguisher
  • (d) c & d

9.  Water is most effective and most commonly used for which of the following type of fire?

  • A. Class A-ordinary combustibles
  • B. Class B-flammable and combustible liquids
  • C. Class C-electrical
  • D. Class D-combustible metals

10. The first principle of good storage practice for chemicals is:

  • A. limiting quantity
  • B. segregation
  • C. containment
  • D. concentration

How to purchase Federal Fire Service Recruitment Past Questions and Answers:

The following are the guidelines that you need to follow to download the FFS past questions without stress This question and answers ‘ complete cost is N 2,000. To obtain this previous questions booklet, follow the following processes:

To download the Federal Fire Service  Recruitment Past Questions and answer, follow the steps below:

COST: 2,000 NGN

Payment Details:

Account No: 0258732121
Bank: GT Bank

____________________Mobile Transfers fully Accepted_____________________

Please pay the above sum to the information below to get your Federal Fire Service Recruitment Past Questions and Answers sent straight to you by mail or other alternative means as you choose (alternative means might include: WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.).

What to do after payment:

After paying the stipulated amount successfully to the account hereby provided,

Follow the steps below and send Your details to 08125457266;

Send the following:

  • Depositors Name, Name of the Name or Account Name used for payment/transfer
  • Email address (Please ensure that you can access the email you send to us.)
  • Past question paid for< Federal Fire Service Recruitment Past Questions Pdf>

For inquiries before and after payment, you can call our agent on 08125457266 or send us an e-mail at imohnkereuwem@gmail.com or send us a notification on WhatsApp with our number (08125457266)

N/B: You will receive past questions in your email address or via Whatsapp immediately after your payment has been received (depending on the platform you want)


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